Les Mills Combat Week 1!!

Posted by on Feb 16, 2013 in Featured, Fitness

This past Monday I started the newest 60 day workout program from Beachbody. I figured why not share my progress for those who may be interested in trying the program out for themselves. I’ll post an update at least once a week to share results and any issues i find with the workouts and mealplans.

Les Mills Combat is a Mixed Martial Arts-inspired program pulling from 6 major disciplines: Boxing, Muy Thai, Tae Kwon Do, Karate/Kung Fu, Capoeria, and Jiu Jitsu. There are 3 different options when buying Combat…the basic which consists of 7 workouts with 2 rest days a week,the supreme which is the same 7 workouts but with only 1 rest day a week, and the ultimate warrior hybrid which is 11 workouts and 1 rest day a week. The program also comes with an eating guide to help you get the best results.
I purchased the ultimate program of course! The 4 extra DVDs are core attack, inner warrior (stretch), and warrior upper and lower body workouts. After completing the basics DvD I was worried the workouts might be a little too easy for me, but boy was I wrong! The workouts range from 30-60 minutes but are pretty intense, especially if you try to keep up with trainer Dan Cohen who does the expert level of each move. He’s crazy! Let’s just say if you’re more of a beginner Nuria is definitely the one to follow! ;-)
So far the Shock Power HIIT 1 has been the toughest for me. With a mix of Burpees, Drop Squats, and Jump Lunges I was out of breath the entire time. Luckily, it’s only 30 minutes so I was able to push through but my legs and shoulders were burning by the end. One round (which i was sure was going to kill me) has a Burpee with a push-up at the bottom, then jump up and right into a drop squat and repeat. If you’re looking for a short but intense full-body workout, Plyo is a great choice.
I think my favorite workout is actually Core Attack so far… It’s only 20 minutes but it’s done with one of the other workouts. I LOVE working my core and have seen a lot of change in that area which is probably why I enjoyed this one, but there were several new moves for me that brought the burn! The workout targets the entire core including back, which a lot of core workouts somehow seem to forget.
Watching Rachel Newsham is also a huge motivator for me..she’s a Program Director and creator of Les Mills Combat (along with Dan). She’s in amazing shape and even though her long graceful roundhouse kicks make me feel like my legs are 100lb tree trunks, she reminds me why I bought the program in the first place. To challenge myself with a crazy workout and to be more fit in 60 days!
So it’s been 6 days and I’m down 3lbs which is huge for me since I haven’t seen a loss of more than a pound in months. It’s only been a week but so far I’m happy with the program and think its something I can maintain for the 60 days and believe I will see great results. Let’s see if i feel this positive after week 2!! I’m also tracking measurements and taking before and after pics that ill share at the end of the challenge so stay tuned! :-)
Here’s my sweaty accountability pic from day 1!!!


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