Tek Gear Workout Capris

Posted by on Feb 17, 2013 in Things We Love

I probably have 30 different pairs of workout pants…mostly black yoga pants that all look pretty much the same. More recently I’ve started buying Tek Gear pants because I wanted something a little more comfortable for my kickboxing workouts. I like the yoga pants the best because they’re fitted enough that they don’t move around during my workout and the material is also very slimming. I hate tight thin pants that show every bulge and ride up during my workout…it makes me so angry when uncomfortable clothes ruin my workout! My Tek Gear pants are the most comfortable pants I have and they stay put during my hour cardio kickboxing class. Now that’s impressive! They also have lots of cute colors and styles. I love buying cute workout clothes…it makes me feel cute even when I’m dripping with sweat and my hair is going in every direction. And hey, who wouldn’t love fitted pants that are slimming AND don’t creep up while you’re running at the gym with 12 people behind you?! I know I do!

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