Eat, Eat, Eat!

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That’s right, if you want to be fit you need to eat every 2-3 hours! Most people have heard the theory that its better to eat 5-6 small meals a day than 3 or less, but what they may not have considered is that this means you also need to adjust your portion size. It should go without saying that if you’re going to eat 6 meals a day, you need to be smart about the foods you’re eating and stick to smaller portion sizes, but this seems to be an issue for a lot of people.
Eating 6 meals a day was a little scary when I first tried it….it didn’t make sense that eating more would actually help me shed fat. I was eating 3 to 4 times a day but was always hungry and sluggish. I struggled through my workouts and had NO energy in the evenings after work. Finally, I decided to give in and give the 6 meal approach a try. Right away I knew it was right for me! I work out on my lunch breaks and in the evenings after work, so keeping my body fueled all day kept me ready to go at all times.
Think about it, eating small but frequent meals stimulates our metabolism a throughout the day. It also keeps us more full so when we do eat, we are able to make smart choices instead of stopping to get a Big Mac or polishing off our cube neighbor’s leftover Halloween candy. I try to plan out my meals at least the night before, but when you’re first starting out try to follow a structured weekly meal plan. For example, I follow Tosca Reno’s meal plans often which are found in her Eat Clean Diet books. I highly recommend anyone interested in eating clean purchase one of her books to learn more about planning healthy meals and for great menu ideas! The Eat Clean magazine is also a great source for weekly meal plans.
Ill say it again….make very sure you adjust your portion sizes and make smart choices about the food you’re eating at each meal. Here are some guidelines that help me remember correct portion sizes!
Protein: whatever can fit in the palm of one of your hands. Eat 6 servings a day!
Healthy Fats: One to two tablespoons of healthy oils, or a handful of nuts. Eat 2 to 3 servings of healthy fats a day.
Complex Carbs: whatever can fit in one of your cupped hand. I aim for 2 servings a day.
Carbs from fruits and veggies: whatever can fit in both your cupped hands. Aim for 4-6 servings a day!
Below is a rough schedule of what I eat in a day. Of course, everyone has different needs so you may need to tweak the schedule and meal plans to fit your lifestyle.
7:30am Breakfast or Meal 1:
Oatmeal with flaxseed
1 scoop Arbonne chocolate protein powder
1/2 banana
10:30am Meal 2:
Cottage cheese (4oz)
1/2 cup of raspberries
Snap peas
1:30pm Lunch or Meal 3:
1/2 chicken breast
1/2 sweet potato
1/4 avocado
2 cherry tomatoes
4:00 Meal 4:
Plain NF Greek yogurt (I like chobani)
4 strawberries
8 almonds
7:00pm Dinner or Meal 5:
Ground turkey breast
1 scoop plain NF Greek yogurt
4 oz brown rice
Meal 6 is optional and may be more for someone who eats an earlier dinner. Try to stick to lean proteins and veggies if its past 8pm and you’re trying to get lean.
Try it out for a week and I promise you’ll be hooked! Again, I definitely recommend picking up one of Tosca Luna’s books- I like The Eat-Clean Diet Recharged. She goes into greater detail as to why this is the best plan for our bodies and also has great ideas for meal planning. Good luck! :-)

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