Les Mills Combat Challenge- Week 3

Posted by on Mar 3, 2013 in Featured, Fitness

Wow, I can’t believe I’m already 3 weeks in on this challenge already! Honestly, it seems like I just started and I only have 6 weeks left. Next weekend I’ll be doing measurements and asking my sweet husband to take pictures to see my progress. He’s so patient with me! :)

This week I noticed a big change in my workouts. I was able to keep up with the trainers for the most part and increased my weight for the strength workouts. This week, I also started a stricter mealplan so I assumed my workouts would suffer, but instead my very boring menu seemed to give me more stable energy to get me through the longer DvDs. I HATE Burpees but actually survived the Burpee drop squat track in power HIIT. In week 2 I had to stop quite often, but this week I didn’t stop once. You know what that means! Next week ill try for the most advanced version which is a Burpee, 2 drop squats and a jump X 16. Woot!
I’ve also started noticing changes in my body, mostly abs, shoulders, arms and thighs. My shoulders are getting a little more shape and my stomach is slowly getting the outline of a 4 pack. It’s in there somewhere! ;) I’m hoping next week’s pics will show noticeable change from week 1.
Ok so week 3 done and how am I doing? Week 1 I lost 3lbs, Week 2 I lost 2 more….Week 3 I’m down 4lbs more! Believe me, I am ecstatic about these results! I don’t have a ton more weight to lose (but still plenty), so Im very happy with these large drops each week. When I started, I expected 1 maybe 2 pounds every week or two since my weight loss had hit a serious plateau after my honeymoon. But almost 10lbs down just 3 weeks in? Ill take it! Only 20 more to go.. :-/
Keep in mind, I’ve also been pretty strict with what I eat, and haven’t been eating anything past 730pm. I also do 20-30 minutes of cardio at lunch 3 days a week and meet with my trainer 3 days a week. Still, the biggest change in my routine in the past few weeks is combat so I think the program is working out great for me! Ill share measurements next weekend and possibly a pic….maybe…. ;)

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