TurboFire (2 weeks completed)

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TurboFire is an intense 12 week workout with 6 classes a week.  The classes follow a cardio kickboxing theme and range from core workouts, to longer Fire EZ workouts (don’t be tricked, not easy!), and the infamous Low Hit/Hit classes.  This is by far the most intense workout I have ever done!

Two months after having my sweet baby girl I eagerly went back to my pre-pregnancy workout.  I switched off between a walking/aerobics DVD and doing my elliptical machine for a half hour.  If I was feeling like I wanted a challenge I would do one of Jillian Michael’s workouts for beginners.  I did this for a couple of months without seeing too many results and I quickly got bored and discouraged.  I was pretty frustrated and talked to my sister about it.  She was sure that I wasn’t challenging myself enough and encouraged me to try out the TurboFire workout from Beachbody.  Wow, talk about challenging myself!  I cried half way through the first 40 minute workout.  Not just was the workout way more advanced then what I was used to, but I was also trying to do it with a 5 month old and a 2 1/2 year old!  At the end of that first intro class (called Fire Starter) I was exhausted!  At first I felt discouraged because I didn’t know the moves and circuits and felt like I was a step behind the whole time.  But then I realized, even with being behind I had got a pretty awesome workout!  I was dripping with sweat and my heart was racing.  Not to mention the next day I could feel just about every muscle in my body!  I decided to take a “warm-up” week to adjust to this style of workout and learn some of the moves.  I would definitely recommend doing the Fire Starter class for a few days or even a week if you are new to high intensity workouts.  (or had recently had a baby like me!)

So now technically, I have been doing TurboFire  for 3 weeks, and am 2 weeks into the 12 week program, if that makes any sense!  The classes so far include some longer cardio workouts and some low hit classes, which are crazy!  They are generally shorter, but make up for it in crazy intensity.  They are full of fire drills where you go as hard and fast as you can for about a minute then recover then do it again.  I really appreciate the Core classes because I’m trying to build up my stomach/back muscles after my pregnancy.  After I did the first core workout I could really feel my ab muscles and was happy to know the workout was effective!  There is a lot of jumping in the workout and I would recommend making sure you have good shoes.  I had to retire my 2 1/2 year old workout shoes and buy some new ones. (hey, I’m not complaining about buying new shoes!) I decided to go with the Nike Dual Fusion, which I love!  They have a lot of support and since buying them my feet and knees haven’t been sore.  Yay!

Nike Women's Dual Fusion Shoe

I have grown to really enjoy it and am definitely seeing a difference in my body.  I have just recently taken my measurements so I will have inches lost when I do my next post at 4 weeks in to the program.  That being said, I’ve lost about 4 pounds and have seen a difference in how my clothes fit.  I’ve also had people comment that I look like I’m losing weight, which is always nice to hear!  I’ll be back after I complete week 4 to let you know how its going and how my body is responding!



  1. Woohoo sis! You make me proud! Youre working hard and it’s going to pay off, you better believe it! :) whats your favorite workout? Mine was fire 55!

    • I like that one and the core one :)

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