The Bad Workout

Posted by on Mar 7, 2013 in Featured, Fitness

We’ll be starting a workout challenge later this month so I thought I’d write a quick post on bad workouts. There have been several days where I’ve felt like I didn’t push myself hard enough or I wasn’t as strong as I could’ve been and those thoughts lead to disappointment and usually, another ‘bad workout’. Yah somedays I’m not going to feel like a fighter in my combat workout and somedays I’m going to be the girl about to throw up in the corner of the gym from running stairs.
Working out isn’t always going to be fun and smooth…it’s a struggle! Especially for those who haven’t made it a regular part of their day. When you have these not-so-fun days, do not get discouraged! As a matter of fact, you should be more encouraged that you didn’t give in to your body telling you to stop or maybe even those closest to you telling you to just stop because you’ve done enough. Trust me….if you make your workouts non-negotiable and stick with it to the end no matter how much you’d love to stop and relax, you’ll have a priceless feeling of self satisfaction! Soon, you’ll be addicted to that feeling and it will bring you back again and again to the gym or your own living room to work it!
If you’re not sure where to start…go to the Women’s Health Magazine printable workouts and choose what you’d like to work on (cardio, strength, swimsuit season!). I’ve attached a link to a workout I love and believe would be a great starting point! So don’t wait for the challenge…get to work! :) click on the blue link below to check it out!

At Home Workout!

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