TurboFire (4 weeks completed)

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Wow, it seems like I just wrote my 2 week update on how TurboFire is working for me, and here I am giving my 4 week update!  I am happy to say I am stronger and have a lot more stamina then I did when I started the 12 week TurboFire challenge.  If you read my first post you saw that I had to do the Fire Starter class for a full week before I started the program.  This was partly because I was unable to keep up physically and also because I felt I needed a little more time to learn the moves and steps.  Now, 4 weeks in, I find when she calls out the combos I am able to do them almost without thinking.  Because I have become more familiar with the classes I am able to put more into them and always feel like I’ve gotten a great workout.

In weeks 3 & 4 I had one low hit class and one hit class each week.  These are definitely still the hardest for me.  You have to go with every ounce of your strength and energy for about a minute, take about a minute recovery time, then do it again usually with around 3 combos that you do 2-3 times.  By the end my legs feel like jello and I am dripping with sweat!  These classes are supposed to be effective because you elevate your heart-rate and it stays somewhat raised throughout the day.

The other classes for these weeks included the fire 45 and 55 classes, tone 30 class, core 20 class, sculpt 30 class, and various stretching classes.  I appreciate the variety of the workouts which keeps me from getting bored or too used to the workouts.  My body still feels sore each week when with other workouts I’ve done I don’t feel sore anymore after the first few days.  I have been very strict with myself making sure I get my 6 workouts a week in and haven’t missed one yet. I am eating balanced, healthy meals but still have treats now and then and am not a freak about dieting.  I enjoy food too much for that!

Now for my results so far!  Over the last 2 weeks I have lost 3 more pounds, not a huge number, but I’ll take it!  Whats even more exciting for me is how my measurements have changed.  The bad news is I didn’t get around to taking my actual measurements until week 3, so these changes are only a reflection of what I’ve lost from week 3 to week 4.  The good news is, even in that short amount of time I have seen quite a bit of change.  I did my inches lost a little differently since I am especially watching my stomach/hip area after recently having a baby.  Here are inches lost so far!

Arms: – .5

Waist -Right under my ribs: -1

Waist-Belly Button: -3!!!

Waist-Below belly button (other Moms may know this as the “pooch” area): -2

Hips: -1

Thighs: -1

If I can see this much change in my measurements in a week, I’m beyond excited to see what the next 2 weeks will bring!  If you are working out at home I would definitely encourage you to read Sarah’s post regarding the scale vs measurements and to start recording your measurements.  I was pretty surprised to see how much my body was changing and it has me pumped up for the next two weeks of my TurboFire challenge!  If you want to learn more about the program feel free to ask me questions and check out the details or purchase it with the link below!



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