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TurboFire (6 weeks completed)

Posted on Apr 2, 2013 in Featured, Fitness

Wow, I can’t believe I’m halfway through the TurboFire program!  When I started I thought it would be a long, tedious 12 weeks, but it has really been flying by.  That being said, it was a tough couple of weeks for me!  Even though I felt like I knew the classes pretty well I felt tired and not as motivated.  Not to mention I was watching the scale and not seeing any change!  Despite my lack of motivation, I was able to get through all of my workouts and am happy I did!

Weeks 5 and 6 follow the same schedule which include more strength training classes.   Thanks to some encouragement from my sister, I am really starting to push myself in the sculpt 30 and tone 30 classes and can feel that I’m getting stronger each time!  I’m also noticing that I’m becoming more flexible and continuing to build my stamina.  Plus, this was the first week I could do all of the moves including the burpees, yay!

I was pretty disappointed to see that my weight hadn’t changed over these last two weeks, but I guess seeing my measurements go down makes me feel a little better!  Here’s what I lost!

Arms: -.5

Waist -right under my ribs: -5

Waist-belly button: -2

Waist-under belly button: -1

Hips: -1

Thighs: -1

Calves: -1

TB week 6 post

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Les Mills Combat Challenge- Week 3

Posted on Mar 3, 2013 in Featured, Fitness

Wow, I can’t believe I’m already 3 weeks in on this challenge already! Honestly, it seems like I just started and I only have 6 weeks left. Next weekend I’ll be doing measurements and asking my sweet husband to take pictures to see my progress. He’s so patient with me! :)

This week I noticed a big change in my workouts. I was able to keep up with the trainers for the most part and increased my weight for the strength workouts. This week, I also started a stricter mealplan so I assumed my workouts would suffer, but instead my very boring menu seemed to give me more stable energy to get me through the longer DvDs. I HATE Burpees but actually survived the Burpee drop squat track in power HIIT. In week 2 I had to stop quite often, but this week I didn’t stop once. You know what that means! Next week ill try for the most advanced version which is a Burpee, 2 drop squats and a jump X 16. Woot!
I’ve also started noticing changes in my body, mostly abs, shoulders, arms and thighs. My shoulders are getting a little more shape and my stomach is slowly getting the outline of a 4 pack. It’s in there somewhere! ;) I’m hoping next week’s pics will show noticeable change from week 1.
Ok so week 3 done and how am I doing? Week 1 I lost 3lbs, Week 2 I lost 2 more….Week 3 I’m down 4lbs more! Believe me, I am ecstatic about these results! I don’t have a ton more weight to lose (but still plenty), so Im very happy with these large drops each week. When I started, I expected 1 maybe 2 pounds every week or two since my weight loss had hit a serious plateau after my honeymoon. But almost 10lbs down just 3 weeks in? Ill take it! Only 20 more to go.. :-/
Keep in mind, I’ve also been pretty strict with what I eat, and haven’t been eating anything past 730pm. I also do 20-30 minutes of cardio at lunch 3 days a week and meet with my trainer 3 days a week. Still, the biggest change in my routine in the past few weeks is combat so I think the program is working out great for me! Ill share measurements next weekend and possibly a pic….maybe…. ;)

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